First spawned in mid-2004 when guitarist Rene Falther & drummer Rasmus Schmidt hooked up with guitarist Donovan Spenceley & vocalist Dave Ingram. After only a 2 months of hard work in the studio a 4 track demo, titled “Full Scale Hatred” was recorded  

later in 2004 a new bass player was found with Thomas Fagerlind (ex Iniquity/Daemon). Then, in mid 2005, drummer Rasmus Schmidt found the workload of 2 bands too much, and so Downlord carefully deliberated as to which drummer would fill the void. For a short period, the band had been temporarily working with former Iniquity sticksman, Jesper Frost, and then later aquired the services of Reno Killerich (session drummer for Dimmu Borgir and Old Man's Child, amongst others) for the recording of their 2nd demo in early 2006. 

In mid-2006 the band inked a deal with USA based label Open Grave Records, who quickly released both the demos as a limited edition EP (666 numbered copies) titled “GRIND TRIALS”
then in January 2007 the debut full-length album "RANDOM DICTIONARY OF THE DAMNED" saw release, featuring Rasmus Schmidt, original drummer. 

March 2007 saw the band begin utilizing the services of Morten Siersbaek behind the drumkit. Siersbaek, on loan from Exmortem & Spectral Mortuary, showed Downlord his skills over several rehearsal sessions and an agreement was reached to continue the working relationship. 

In September 2007 Downlord left Open Grave Records. The contract was up, and the band felt they had progressed as far as they could with the label, and preferred to strike out alone. This paid off, as Downlord were nominated for "Metal Debut Of The Year" at the Danish Metal Awards 2007. 

At the start of 2008, DOWNLORD decided to take an indefinite hiatus. This was due to the individual members workloads, businesses (old & new) and the several other musical projects currently ongoing. More details on these projects will appear on this site.

DOWNLORD achieved the goal we set, to prove that OLD SCHOOL DEATH METAL is still a valid force to be reckoned with, and anyone with the right mindset can achieve the same.

“old school” MEANS “old school”

“Gravity beckons and pulls us under...” “GRIND TRIALS” EP
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