The Metal Breakfast Lexicon
ACT OF GOAT - If something seems to have gone wrong in the studio, or on a track, it is deemed an Act Of Goat.
BLAWFUL - Bloody awful!
BLETSGO - But let’s give it a go (for one of the submitted songs)
BLOVELY - Bloody lovely!
BODENT - As in, “It Bodent well” which means that it does not bode well. Confused?
BOOT CRACKER - Someone who manages to unfasten your 24-hole Doc Martins in a mosh pit. And steal ‘em.
EXTERMINATE BUTTON (The) - Sample of The Daleks taken from TV show ‘Doctor Who’ & used to blow up a blawful song!
DROLLOCKS (or DRILLOCKS) - Dribbling Bollocks, in reference to a lousy song.
FLASSIC - Fucking classic. Normally associated with an older track.
FLONG - Fucking long. Normally associated with the length of a track.
FRONG - Fucking wrong. Normally associated with the entire show.
GISPIN - Give it a spin (for one of the submitted songs, usually flong and with a wintro)
GOATALS - Vocals that sound like a goat. Exactly like the band Dehydrated Goat, in fact!
ISLAND (or ISLE) OF TRANQUILITY - The slow middle section in a song that gives the band a break. It usually sucks.
JING-A-LING - Moolah. Wonga. Pocket shrapnel......Money!
MASTER & BLASTER - 2 different vocal styles in a track. One deep, the other screechy. Sometimes lame.
MEEE!! - In fact, any word ending with “EE!” It began on our 1st promo, when Donovan said “and MEEE!!” so it stuck.
MINTRO - A very minor intro to a song.
MONG - A song that is medium-long.
NADE - Nice fade! (When a track ends abrubtly, or fades out too fast)
NEWTON’S HOOTONS -  A pair of boobs that you can use as a Newton’s cradle. We love ‘em!
OUTRODUCTION - The opposite of an introduction. Pretty obvious isn’t it, Einstein?
PINING FOR THE FJORDS - Non-Norwegian Black Metal bands, who REALLY sound like they want to be from Norway.
SEPULTERA - A band who sound like a mix of Sepultura & Pantera.
SHINTRO or SHOUTRO - A sea-shanty intro or outro.
SLAPTOP - “If you slap my laptop again, I’m going to have to kill you!” - Dave, to Donovan.
SONIC TRIAGE - Our critique of the bands we play, and whether they stay on the show or get Exterminated.
WINTRO - A windy intro. Can also be a ‘Flong Wintro’
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Conducted by Warlock Joel Gausten